What's available.....

The following are available to order and most of the designs can be made to co-ordinate with your colour scheme.

Save the date cards:
These are sent out once you have set your wedding date.  It lets your guests avoid making other arrangements on your special day.  They are especially suitable if your wedding is planned several months ahead, abroad or during a holiday season.

They are available in postcard style or as fridge magnets to match your invitations  and are supplied with envelopes.

Wedding and evening invitations:
Invitations are usually sent out 6-12 weeks before your wedding.  They contain all the information regarding the service and the reception.  The evening invitations are usually sent to guests you would like to share your day but cannot invite to the wedding ceremony and reception due to the cost or available space.  It is sometimes better to send the evening invites out later as you may be able to invite someone to the wedding if another guest cannot make it.

Traditional style wedding and evening invitations are provided with a printed insert you choose the wording and text, then approve it before final printing takes place. Several designs can be made up as rectangular, tall or square cards to give you the style you prefer.

Some designs are layers with a pearlised card background and your invitation printed on the top layer.

You can order an extra couple of invitations to cover mistakes or to add an extra guest to your list.  In the event of you discovering you required more stationery, it would not be a problem as I always keep your order on file.

Please order your invitations with as much notice as possible.

Scroll invitations:
A scroll is an unusual way to deliver your invitation. Your invitation is printed onto either parchment or metallic paper and decorated with a printed, heat embossed or hand embossed design. They are then put into either textured or pearlised boxes or postal tubes. 

Please note that these may not always go through a letterbox and will need to be sent at packet rate due to the dimensions rather than the weight.

Many brides hand out as many as they can and often have a ribbon tied round the box with a name tag attached. 

Order of Service:
An order of service is used at the church so your guests can follow the order of the service and have the words to hymns. I can also print Mass Booklets if required with a small charge for extra sheets of paper. 
The front is co-ordinated to match your invitations.

Order of the Day:
An order of the day is used at the civil venues so guest know the order of events during the day. The front is co-ordinated to match your wedding invitations.

For a personal touch add a menu to each table.  The front is co-ordinated to match your invitations if made in card form or can be a single sheet.

Place cards: 
These are useful so your guests know where to sit.  They can usually be made to co-ordinate with your invitations and are printed with your guest name.  It is important to send accurate details of the names as you want them printed and allow as much time as possible for these to be made.

An alternative is to have your favour with a printed name tag so these can be used as place cards too.

Thank you cards:  
A lovely way to say thank you for your wedding presents. The inserts can be left blank or you can choose a simple thank you message. Your names can be printed or space can be left for your signatures.  They are also available in postcard style with an envelope.

Table plans:   
These are placed outside the reception room to aid guests with the seating arrangements. and are available in 3 sizes. They can be a simple design or made to co-ordinate with your colour scheme and invitations. It is always best to discuss what your requirements are and you need to be able to send accurate details of the guests names and table numbers as soon as you know who is going to be there. 

I can also supply table lists if you are having something different and don't require your lists mounted.

Guest Books: 
These are available as a reminder of your guests and your big day.  The guest book would also make an ideal gift as a photo album for someone special.  These can be decorated to co-ordinate with your stationery.

Favours are a traditional gift to your guests to say thank you for sharing your special day.  Traditionally filled with 5 sugared almonds to represent wealth, health, happiness, fertility and long life.  There are favours suitable for all your guests with a choice of fillings, and they can be decorated to match your colour scheme if required.

I am also happy to supply the favours to match your stationery and ready for you to fill.

Wedding Post Boxes:
Wedding post boxes are available so there is somewhere for all your cards and gifts in envelopes to be placed.

These are decorated to match your stationery and a panel on the front gives your names, date of wedding and if required, the venue.

Confetti Cones:
These cones are made up and filled with natural bio-degradable flower petals and are available in several colour combinations. the cones are tied with matching ribbon and can be purchased singly or in a small basket suitable of a flower girl to carry.